A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna

A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna is a gateway to the Indian spiritual drama Vidagdha Madhava by Rupa Goswami, with the 16th-century masterpiece being masterfully translated by Arjundas Adhikari – AKA former Hare Krishna monk and traditional Indian theatre expert Andrew Horn. In Hindu drama Vidagdha Madhava you will journey into the captivating narrative of Lord Shree Krishna’s youth, with this expertly rendered work transcending cultures and generations, inviting you into a captivating world of devotion and love.

A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna by Arjundas Adhikari

A New English Translation of Rupa Goswami’s Vidagdha Madhava

Embark on a captivating journey into ancient India with A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna, a sparkling English translation by Arjundas Adhikari of an undisputed 16th-century masterpiece of world literature: Indian spiritual drama Vidagdha Madhava. Composed by the celebrated Hindu guru, poet, and philosopher Rupa Goswami in 1532, the timeless Hindu drama Vidagdha Madhava transports you to a time millennia ago populated by gods and heroes, immersing you in the profound spirituality and wisdom of that era.

This meticulous English translation of the Vidagdha Madhava by former Hare Krishna monk and traditional Indian theatre expert Andrew Horn, writing under his pen name of Arjundas Adhikari, reveals a a sublime romantic drama in which you’ll encounter Lord Shree Krishna, the beloved youthful deity of the Indian subcontinent on devastating form, with piquant trysts recalled in splendid detail. Set in the heart of Uttar Pradesh around 1000 BCE, the lyrical narrative unveils the enthralling power dynamics between the enchanting Shree Krishna and the captivating cowherd girls of His village. While the interplay between them is unconventional, it is surprisingly modern in displaying the equality of sexes, and especially celebrates the power the cowherd girls’ command over Krishna through love.

In Rupa Goswami’s poetic text, Lord Shree Krishna emerges as a heroic figure, valiantly defending His kingdom against formidable foes. Yet, His heart is undeniably swayed by the love of Shrimati Radharani, whose epithet ‘Madana-mohanamohini’ bestows upon her the title of ‘Enchantress of the enchanter of Cupid’. This timeless tale now benefits from the most accurate English translation of Vidagdha Madhava, assiduously undertaken by Arjundas Adhikari over the space of three years. It is a must-read for those seeking a deeper understanding of Indian culture and spirituality, those who already enjoy the delights of Hindu drama, and those seeking to stage this masterpiece for audiences young and old alike.

Discover the enduring relevance of Indian spiritual drama Vidagdha Madhava by Rupa Goswami through Arjundas Adhikari’s masterful English translation, A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna, and unlock the secrets of another time.

'A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna' by Arjundas Adhikari/Andrew Horn

“Come celebrate a wonder that can mitigate life’s woes,
A draught of fabled nectar of the kind that heaven knows,
That all may come to know – that is available for free –
The magic of the love between Krishna and Radharani!”

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Who was Rupa Goswami?

Author of Vidagdha Madhava

Rupa Goswami (1489–1564), a prominent 16th-century Hindu guru, poet, and philosopher, is perhaps best remembered for his literary masterpieces, Indian spiritual dramas Vidagdha Madhava and Lalita Madhava. Written in Sanskrit in the 1530s, these enduring plays reimagine the youthful escapades of beloved Hindu deity Lord Shree Krishna, showcasing Rupa Goswami’s profound influence on both Indian literature and spirituality.

His contributions extended beyond his literary prowess; he played a pivotal role in shaping the philosophical and devotional landscape of his era, leaving an indelible mark on the traditions of Bhakti and Vaishnavism. Vidagdha Madhava serves as a testament to Rupa Goswami’s profound understanding of love, devotion, and the divine, making him a revered luminary in the realm of Indian literature and spirituality. His work continues to inspire and guide seekers of spiritual wisdom and those interested in the beauty of Sanskrit literature, and has been brought to a new generation of readers through Arjundas Adhikari’s accurate and sensitive English translation, A Portrait of Lord Shree Krishna.

Rupa Goswami, Guru Srila Rupa Goswami - ISKCON desire tree 06 on Flickr
Rupa Goswami, author of the Vidagdha Madhava.
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