Learn more about Indian spiritual drama Vidagdha Madhava by Rupa Goswami within these fascinating and informative posts by former Hare Krishna monk, translator, and classic Indian drama expert Andrew Horn, (AKA Arjundas Adhikari). 
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Inasmuch as a little knowledge of British history comes in handy for an audience of a Shakespeare history play like Henry IV

Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) was the theologean who came up with the famous ontological argument. This argument proposes that God must

Insofar as so much attention is focussed on the issue of climate change, and the degree to which cows do or do

Faithful representation of exchanges of feelings between characters has always been a central objective for the Sanskrit playwright, no less so in

One might question whether the prevalence of Sanskrit words incorporated over time by the majority of the world’s languages indicates a greater

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